Emergency Preparedness Plan for Your Home

Disasters both natural and man-made happen even in the US and everyone should have an emergency preparedness plan for their home in just such cases. Recent natural disaster would include hurricanes like Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Andrew, and Hugo to name just a few of the more costly ones. Then you have snow storms that take out power lines and make the road un-drivable every year. Not to mention floods that take out homes, roads and entire neighborhoods. Of course, you also have man-made disasters like terrorist attacks and the like that my cut power or even leave you homeless.

Hurricane Preparedness for Inland Communities

As another hurricane season is upon us, one of the forgotten challenges is how mass evacuations of coastal communities can affect inland communities that are tasked with housing and supporting a huge influx of people. This in itself can create its own kind of hurricane emergency, so it is important for inland communities to prepare for mass evacuations with the proper emergency rations and disaster supplies that are needed when everyday resources become limited by a sudden crush of people.

How to Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Everyone should be prepared in the event of an emergency. While the idea of prepared may differ from person to person there are many things that should be thought of well in advance. Food, personal documents, and irreplaceable items are the most important things to prepare well ahead of time. Jobs will not always be stable and you cannot rely on being able to afford to buy things if an emergency does occur.

Flooding in Thailand Reiterates the Need for Emergency Preparedness

Various news reports have recently reported on the most recent flooding in Thailand. Flooding is nothing new in Bangkok, the city itself is built on a swamp and the city’s elevation is approximately seven feet above sea level. Combine these facts with heavy monsoon rains and Bangkok is a recipe for disaster.